Buda & Baths

I have officially been in Budapest for two weeks! I’m enjoying exploring a little more every day, including a trip across the Danube to Buda. On this side of the city we were able to enjoy the breathtaking Fisherman’s Bastion and the Buda Castle. Both of these sites have incredible views of Pest!

The pictures above taken at the Fisherman’s Bastion do not do this place justice. The views from the Buda Castle (below) were also beautiful, especially at sunset. You can sit on a tall ledge and look out across the Danube to the Pest side which starts to light up at dusk.

In addition to exploring Buda, we were also able to take a trip to the Szechenyi thermal baths, which was extremely relaxing. You can go and sit in these giant hot tubs for hours. It was a little uncomfortable to make a run from the baths back to the locker rooms in the freezing cold (I recommend bringing flip flops or sandals), but it was still worth it. We will be visiting a Turkish bath this week for class.


There was also a winter food festival this week! Our UNH professor took us to get sausage, which was PHENOMENAL. The fresh chimney cakes (also called kurtoskalacs), which are pastries baked on a rotating, cylinder-shaped baking spit, were also to die for. These cakes pull apart into a spiral and when they are warm they melt in your mouth. I’ve noticed there is also mulled wine and paprika everywhere!

I’m enjoying finding messages and random pieces of art scattered around the city. If you keep your eyes open, you can always spot something interesting, especially on the walls of a ruin pub.

I still have so many more places to explore and food to try. This city is so full of history, music, and life. For the next three weekends I have trips to Prague, London, and Berlin booked. Stay tuned!


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