Palace of the Arts Performance & Eger, Hungary

On my birthday, our field trip was a performance at the Palace of the Arts. I really enjoyed the performance. I thought it was really unique and I liked that it told a story. I was able to recognize a lot of the music, which made it enjoyable. The show revolved around a couple, and from my understanding, it was telling the story of their marriage throughout the years as it showed changing of the seasons and kept returning to a ticking clock which would lead to a time change. Both actors were extremely talented in acrobatics. There was also an interesting sense of humor, so it was different than what I was expecting. At the end of the show, we got to experience the rhythmic clapping, which we witnessed at another show we had went to. The audience begins to clap along to a rhythm and continues as a sign of their enjoyment of the show. The actors will keep bowing as the audience keeps clapping. This did not happen as much at the Opera House, but probably because that show consisted of many more tourists who were unaware of this tradition. Overall, I found it to be very entertaining and a good experience!

Another day trip that we had was to Eger, Hungary. Here, we visited the main castle which was incredible. I was not expecting it to be as large as it was. It was cool to learn about the Turkish attacks and the siege of Eger. There was also a clock tower that would ring at the time of the years of importance.

We also got to visit a cathedral which as beautiful. Walking around the city and experiencing another part of Hungary was also interesting. It was bright and there were fountains, plants, cute shops, and wine everywhere.

Eger is also a destination for wine from the Hungarian countryside. We went to a place where we were able to try a selection of rose, red, and white. There were four of us, so each bottle gave us a glass of wine each. Our waiter gave the most wine to the person who had placed the order, which was funny.  For our red wine selection, we ordered Bull’s Blood which was so good and unique to other wines I have tried while abroad.

For lunch, I also had an amazing Goulash soup followed by a beef stew with little egg dumplings. Probably one of the best Hungarian meals I’ve had during my stay.


Eger was a really great day trip! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to travel to more places within Hungary outside of Budapest.


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