Pécs: Sunshine & Wine Tasting

Unfortunately, because of a Measles outbreak, we were unable to travel to Transylvania, which was one of our planned excursions. Instead, we were able to take a trip to Pécs, Hungary. This town is quite small, but very colorful and bright. We had amazing weather and were able to tour several museums. We were traveling with a Fulbright program, so we were able to visit a school in which one of the participants works as an English teacher assistant. This was a school for children from Gypsy families, and it was really cool for me to visit, especially because I want to be a teacher. This trip made me really consider applying to the Fulbright program after I receive my Master’s to teach English abroad. I feel like teaching abroad and the process of understanding my students who are growing up in a culture much different than my own will help me grow as a teacher, so I’m excited to explore this possibility when I return home to the States.

At night, we were able to travel more to the countryside in a little village called Villánykövesd for a wine tasting, and this was an amazing experience. We get to this really cute village just as the sun is setting over these white houses with thatched roofs. We walk into this house with extremely eager hosts and are told that the wine is cheaper than the water so to drink up. They provided us with endless food. Meats, cheeses, spreads, bread. And the wine was bottomless. Red, white, and rose pitchers on all the tables. It was such a jolly environment; I loved every second of it. After everyone was finished eating, they took us to the cellar for a wine tasting. We were able to try nine different types of wine and I really enjoyed the red wine selections. After that, we went upstairs and had even more food. It was such an interesting night and I really enjoyed being in the countryside. Definitely a different taste than Budapest.


The meals we were served were incredible. Meat and potatoes, of course. For one of the desserts, they also had a chocolate fudge bar with a side of mango sorbet which was extremely rich, but delicious. So we were unable to make it to Romania, but Pécs did offer a good opportunity.


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