Tihany Peninsula & Lake Balaton

For our last trip, we were able to travel to Lake Balaton. This is a beautiful destination within Hungary and boy was it a great day. We first stopped at the Abbey in Tihanyi which had a great view of the lake. We had a short tour, ate lunch, and were able to walk around the cutest town I’ve possibly ever been to. This town is famous for its lavender, so I grabbed an essential oil and a lavender & jasmine perfume that I am obsessed with.

Before our tour, we grabbed coffee at a really cozy outdoor cafe. Then, we had an amazing family-style lunch. Potato/bacon soup to start, turkey stew and rice, then crepes for dessert. Later, I had really good ice cream by the beach.

We got to go close to the water and we even went swimming. People were looking at us like we were crazy because the water is still pretty cold, but hey, we are from New England and can brace the cold. The lake itself looks like the color of the Caribbean. It was an absolutely beautiful destination for our last day trip.




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