Vienna x2

Vienna is very easily accessible from Budapest. For about 35 euros, you can get a flexible round-trip train ticket. This allows you to return to Budapest whatever time you want, as long as it is within four days from your departure from Budapest. I first visited Vienna with my best friends from home who visited during their spring break and I traveled there again as a field trip for my class.

I found this city to be absolutely beautiful. Hungary was occupied by Austria in the past, so I found myself seeking out Hungarian history. A major destination is the Schönbrunn Palace, which we visited along with the Ferris wheel, National Library, and St. Stephen’s Cathedral. This city was also fun to walk around and admire the buildings and little shops and grab a pretzel.

The pictures above are of the cathedral, which you can also climb to the top. This is right in the center of town, so it is nice to walk around this area as well!

The Ferris wheel is very old and cool, but we didn’t ride it because we are all on a strict budget. I also kept seeing trees like the one above, which I loved because they remind me of Truffula trees from The Lorax.

The city was full of beautiful buildings, horses, and flowers.




We also really enjoyed the food. We first went to Hungry Guy, which is a restaurant near St. Stephen’s Cathedral. There were beautiful hummus plates and I got an amazing hummus pita sandwich. We also had beautiful cocktails (spring break treat), strodel, spätzle (soft egg noodles, super yummy!), & schnitzel. We were also in Vienna for St. Patrick’s Day and went to the Ottakringer brewery for a holiday party. We met a Viennese girl who told us we were at the largest party in Vienna, which was insane to hear. There was green beer, live music, and several floors of dancing.

We LOVED the Austrian National Library. We all spend way too much time together in the library at our university, so libraries already have a special place in our hearts, but we thought this one was absolutely stunning. You can read more about Austrian history throughout the library, but it is also cool to take a look at the never-ending shelves of books.

The Schönbrunn Palace is possibly the biggest attraction. I visited the outside & gardens on my first visit, and then on my second visit I was able to take a tour of the inside. There were also several more flowers out during my second visit. The gardens are beautiful and the palace is HUGE; it seems endless. It’s just so grand and beautiful and I love the yellow color. We learned about Sisi (Empress Elisabeth), the famous empress of Vienna. She was not happy with her arranged marriage and therefore spent most of her time in Budapest. Hungarians adore her, so it was so cool to learn more about her in Vienna. We also got to learn more about other important figures in the House of Habsburg including Franz Josef & Maria Theresa (Marie Antoinette’s mother).

This city is absolutely beautiful and I am happy I got to visit it twice, especially because we had beautiful weather the first trip and it poured the second time around. I had an amazing time with amazing people on both trips.


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